Illustrator and designer working primarily in gay erotica but will work in other genres when properly motivated.
SSFW (Somewhat Safe For Work) portfolio below. Some drawings are watermarked with my hardcore brand which is definitely NSFW.

Life Drawings (2007-present) –
Thanks to imprinting on Masters of the Universe, male anatomy is my favorite thing to draw. Mostly try to use mostly traditional media (colored pencils, markers, watercolors and toned paper) to have an original for shows/exhibitions.


Tongue in Cheek (2013)
Large format hardcover solo art book published by Bruno Gmunder, approximately 80 pages of erotic cartoon drawings, including commissioned work and personal art, curated and arranged by the publisher.

Diaper Pals (2005)


Family Feud (2011)


Pornaments (2010)

The concepts are all from the company– I just visualized them. Interesting designing for hard goods. There were several interesting technical rules.


Comstock Greeting Cards (2008)
Bit of a love/hate relationship with this project because even thought these cards are friggin’ EVERYWHERE- like all over the country, I’m kinda still owed some money for the work. But still, one of my most popular projects. This is 4 of 19, the few non-penisy ones.


Jest Pieces (2004)
Each goes with a humor piece of writing in a black and white publication.


Gift of Unknown Things (2002)
School piece but still one of my favorites.

Conostasi (2010)
For a booklet introducing new fabric colors, these 10 images told a color story for a summer line of textiles.


Willie the Deaf Duck (2013)
Images for a children’s book.

(2009 – present)
An ongoing exercise in character design, this project’s aim is to have the highest number of varied species than any other furry artist.

X-Men RemiX (2007 – present)
Everyone and their mom redesigns the X-Men. So yea, me too.